v2.5 - EX3 Phase 1

We’ve had little makeover…

The HulerHub Home Bar and Notifications

The footer at the base of your Hub (Home) has been updated. 

From the Home, you can navigate to 'My Hub', 'Workplace', Create Tile, (Collections) 'Library' and Search. The Notifications, which were previously contained in the Home bar, now feature in the bottom left hand side of your Hub.

The Home buttons now include descriptor text, for example, the Search (magnifying glass) button now includes the word 'Search'.

'My Tiles' has a new home...

Now, your My Tiles is located directly under your featured page… all you need to do is scroll!  

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed an issue whereby the Light/Dark mode filter was not changing accordingly when switched.
  • A bug was occurring whereby a 'Create Tile' button would appear for people viewing Internal Shared Collections. We have disabled this button.
  • Fixed an issue whereby opening the Gender dropdown would cause the phone number flag to incorrectly reposition on the page.
  • Increased Article text size from 12px to 15px.
  • When adding or editing a user, that user can only have a single privilege user level. Previously, they could be attributed more than one user level.
  • Sometimes, when Admins using a Macbook Air tried to download the CSV upload template, an error would occur. This has been fixed.