v2.2 - It's the 1st of December and we're bringing early Christmas presents...

Introducing our newest feature, Articles.

With Articles, you can create and publish your own editorials within your Hub. Articles can currently feature within your Carousal, Featured and Workplace areas. 

Create Articles using images, formatted text & hyperlinks to give your users the most engaging reading experience. 

You can associate Articles to relevant Tiles that already sit in your Hub so your users can navigate from one to the other with ease. 

Audience Management for Articles is exactly the same as it is for Tiles.

Check out our Article help docs here: 

We have given Admin a makeover.

We've updated the Admin interface to make your experience even easier. 

Everything you're used to using is still there but the context menu has moved from the left hand side to the top of the page and we've separated the areas of Admin more clearly. 

Other releases:

  • Introduced CSV downloads on 'User Reports' and 'Recognition' reports.
  • Carousel UI update.

Bug fixes

  • Empty Collection Icon - when a collection contained no tiles, the default icon was too small and had lost its styling. Now, the default icon appears correctly.
  • White icons in Ticker admin - In the Ticker admin, white message formatting icons were appearing on a grey background (light mode), having not changed when the Hub was switched from dark mode. Now the icons appear against a darker grey background.