Your Reporting Dashboard provides you with a snapshot of information, however you can access more extensive reporting. 

To do so, click the burger menu in the top right corner of your Huler screen home page. 

This opens up a general options menu. Within this menu click on Hub Admin which will take you through to the Admin dashboard for your Huler account:

This is your main admin area, here you can control and create all aspects of your Huler experience!

Follow up by heading over to the ‘Reports’ tab in your context menu. Here you will see the full list of reports available to you.


The overview works similar to the dashboard and provides you with a snapshot of New Users, Total Logins, Kudos Given, T&Cs Accepted and Popular Domains over the past 30 days. 

All of the following reports follow the same behaviour. You can 

categorize what information you want to display by clicking into the Column Fields button

And you can filter down your results for more refined data using the Filter button 

Reports with a Download CSV button are exportable. This means you can have greater control over the data

The filtering options will vary between reports, but the purpose of the button remains the same throughout. 

User Report

The user report provides you with information on a users login history, showing you the amount of logins from the past 30 days. You can even drill deeper into the data to view the exact sessions of desired users by clicking into the Action toggles which will show you the time and date of each log in. 

Popular Domains

The popular domains report provides you with the most popular domains over the past 30 days and the total tile clicks it has had.

Most Popular Tiles

The popular tile report provides you with the most popular tiles over the past 30 days. This report also allows you to drill deeper into the data and shows you what tile type it is (admin or user), which user has accessed the tile and how many times they have interacted with said tile.

Recognition Report

You can use the Recognition report to search for Recognition by giver, receiver or recognition. 

You can also delete any unwanted Kudos one-by-one by clicking into the action toggles, or alternatively you can use the check boxes to bulk delete. 

Recognition cannot be an audience managed tile, however you can hide it from Users Hubs by turning it off Global.