Oh, hey! Here's what's new in HulerHub...

We're constantly working to improve your HulerHub experience. Here's a summary of what has changed....

Burger Menu Refresh

To keep HulerHub looking fresh and cool, we've made some design changes to the burger menu that lives on the right hand side of your Hub.

Alongside some general UX improvements, you can now see how many Tiles you have created in your MyTiles area, along with a visual snapshot of your most recent additions. 

Image Placeholder

Very occasionally, images scraped from a website fail if they're not available anymore. Sad, right?

To keep your experience consistent, we have refreshed the placeholder image you see when this happens.

It now looks like this: 

Don't forget that you can change up any image on a Tile by uploading your own or choosing one from our pre-populated image bank. Read our article on Creating and Editing a Tile for more information.

Various Bug Fixes