Admin Features

HulerHub's recognition feature enables your employees to celebrate and acknowledge each other's hard work from within their digital workplace.

Admins also have access to analytics and reports that help track the overall usage of and engagement with the feature.

You will find recognition reporting in the admin dashboard of HulerHub. Look for 'Total Recognition (this month)'.

The admin dashboard offers a quick and easy way for people teams to keep track of employee recognition, identify trends and keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening.

  • Total Recognition of all time (by date filter) shows who gave, who received, text added, and date/time given. 
  • Search by filtering Receiver, Giver or Recognition comment.
  • Admins can export this to a .csv where they can see organisational attributes of the giver/receiver   
  • Access to the Total Kudos given in the Admin Dashboard.

Note: Recognition is a global tile and is never audience managed.

Don't want to use this new feature at the moment? No problem! Please contact your Customer Success Team by email or raise a ticket here.