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New Features

Create Tile Flow

Tiles make finding and accessing information, tools and content quick and easy. What’s more, they offer users the opportunity to put their own stamp on their digital workplace.

We’ve made it even easier for users to create aesthetically pleasing tiles in just a few clicks with the addition of a number of new design controls including more features, design controls and a new Image Library, which features a large selection of images to choose from.

See our helpcentre article here for more information.

Video Tiles

Video tiles enable admins and users to embed and watch videos inside HulerHub.

Not only can you have a tile displaying an image, .gif or block colour, you can also embed YouTube or Vimeo videos as the tile cover and, on clicking, the video will play inside the HulerHub.

From  company announcements, onboarding, training to internal comms, this provides

even more ways to connect with your people and further increase users engagement within the platform.

See our helpcentre article here for more information.

Various bug fixes