Oh hey! Welcome to HulerHub. The fully personalised employee experience platform that consolidates everything important to your work, from internal comms to your most used websites and cloud-based softwares. Let's get started...

In this quick start guide, we'll give you a whistle stop tour of HulerHub, including its main features and dashboards.

Overview of Featured Page

When you first log in to HulerHub, you will land on the Featured Dashboard. 

This is an admin-controlled area, where you'll see a selection of Tiles that have been assigned to you by your organisation.

Clicking any of these Tiles will quickly take you to the content it links to. Simple as that. 

Overview of My Tiles

Once you scroll down, you will find your 'My Tiles'.

Here you can create your own Tiles and customise them with colours, images or gifs. 

Alternatively, you can add any Workplace Tile directly to your My Tiles for quick access whenever and wherever you need it. 

Overview of Workplace

This is another admin-controlled dashboard, where you'll see a selection of Tiles that have been created especially for you, your role, and department. 

Top Tip: Is there Workplace Tile you use often? Click the three dots in the top left hand corner of any Tile to add it either to your My Tiles dashboard or a Collection. 

My Library

If you want to group together content that relates to the same topic, you can do this by creating a Collection in the Library area.

There's no limit to the Collections you can create or what you can add to them, from reports to policies to favourite recipes and even playlists. The possibilities are endless!

Top tip: Have a Collection you'd like to share? On your chosen Collection, click the three dots in the top left hand corner and select Share. You can then enter the names of colleagues you'd like to share it with or generate a unique URL that will allow anyone to access the Collection even if they do not have a HulerHub account (as long as they have the unique URL).

View Profile

It's all about you, baby! 

In your Profile, you can change your own profile photo and show off your best angle!


Whether you're a dark or light mode fan, HulerHub can be customised to suit you. 

Simply toggle the button next to Appearance to choose.

Don't worry, this won't be changed for everyone, only you. And you can change it whenever the mood strikes.


Got a question? Click on Helpdesk to access the HulerHub Help Centre.

Here you'll find loads of resources that will answer any questions and queries you have about Hub - along with some tips and tricks to help you on your way. 


Looking for something specific? Save yourself the time and effort by using the search bar located in the footer. The system uses keywords to sort through all of the Tiles in your Hub.