Overview of Featured Page

When you first log in to Huler, you will be taken straight to the Featured page. This is the landing area to all the links and tiles that you organisation want to you see and have easy access to.

Overview of Workplace

Here is your library of every tile that your organisation has created for you. Is there something you like or access often in here? Why not move it to My Tiles or a Collection?

Overview of My Tiles

This is your own personal hub area. Create your own tiles, add in anything that is personal to you. Or just move your most used work links into this space.

My Library

Instead of having lots and lots of tiles for the same topic. Why not group them into a collection. Here you can create as many collections as you wish. Maybe you want a set of tiles based on Reports,  HR files, Recipes or even favourite songs....Whats more, if your colleague likes your collection...why not share it!

View Profile

Here you can change your own profile photo and show off your best angle!


Using this slide, you can choose to have your hub in either Dark or Light mode. Whatever works for you. This will not be changed for everyone, only you.


Got a question? Click on Helpdesk and this will take you to our library of articles. In here, are loads of resources that will answer any questions and queries you have about the hub.


We all have those moments where we can't find things. If you have accessed a tile in the past and struggling to find it. Type it into the search and it will take you to where it is located.