Can I recover a deleted tile? 
No, once the file has been deleted you can not recover this.

How do I hide/stop a tile? 
Only admins can change the visibility of a tile by clicking the untoggle button from Global, Feature or Audience.

Why can't I access shared files?

If a file has been shared with you but you cannot view it, you will need to check with your administrator to see if you have access rights. Some links may require a log in or permissions in order to view it. 

Do you offer any way to make Huler more bespoke? 

Want something more personalised? No problem! We offer bespoke services too, for more information, get in touch on

How do I contact Huler? 

If you have a technical issue, want to 'report a bug' or just have a general Huler question, you can contact us on
Having trouble accessing Huler? 
Sorry to hear that you are having problems - please email us on and we can help, or alternatively raise a ticket here: 

Where can I find help articles? 
To access help and support, you can click on this link: or go to the HelpDesk in your Hub admin menu in Huler.

How do I delete my account? 
To delete your account, raise a ticket here: - simply state that you'd like your account deleted and we will do this for you. 

Can Huler support different languages? 
We're working on it - so watch this space. 

Can I integrate non cloud based links? 
No, as Huler is a cloud based platform, all tiles will need to be supported with cloud based links or URL.

Can I export a tile from a Collection to my tiles? 
Not at present, but we're working on it. 

Can I use Huler on my mobile? 
Yes, although we do not have a native app as yet, you can save Huler to your mobile device. For more information, click here

Can I give users admin rights? 
Yes, to do this you need to go to the Hub Admin section in Huler, go to Users, select the user you wish to amend and edit. Remove the existing system privilege and apply the new one and hit save. The change will be applied when the user logs out of Huler and logs back in again.

How many tiles can I have on each page? 
The featured page consists of a set number of tiles, but all other pages hold no limitations to the amount of tiles/collections you wish to create. 

Can I change the size of the tiles? 
No, the tiles size is fixed. 

Can I change the colour of font in a tile name? 
You can only chose between black or white. 

Will the CSV upload determine system privileges? 
No, system privileges need to be changed manually by admin in user settings.