What browsers support Huler 

Huler supports all browsers, most commonly used, Chrome, Edge and Safari.

What is SSO? 

SSO is Single-Sign-On. This allows a user to be authenticated and sign on to huler using one set 

of credentials. 

Does Huler have a mobile app? 

Currently Huler does not have a mobile app. You can Bookmark to your mobile device 

which has the same functionality. Follow the steps in this guide.

Is Huler SSO compliant? 

The AWS Cognito product is compliant with the SAML 2.0 and OpenID connect standards. 

How is my data stored? 

Huler is a cloud-native application hosted on AWS.  We make use of the eu-west-1 region 

which comprises of three data centres based in Dublin. 

All data and processing is replicated over the three data centres for maximum availability. 

What security does Huler use? 

Huler sits behind a web application firewall which inspects every request blocking anything 

deemed to be a security risk.  

Hosting and Back Up 

Huler uses AWS web services which hosts our SaaS infrastructure. 

Can I integrate my HRIS?

Yes, Huler can receive information from 3rd party information systems. Contact us for 

more information. 

What integrations are available?

We are currently looking at various integrations,  Contact us for more details. 

How is Uploaded content protected?

All of our Uploads tile content is hosted on a private S3 bucket - by default there is no public access to anything hosted in this private S3 bucket.

When we receive an API request that returns an Upload tile, we will return an S3 pre-signed URL along with all of the usual tile parameters. This gives temporary access to that individual file in our S3 bucket to anybody that has that URL - the access credentials are contained in the query parameter.

This pre-signed URL is valid for 24 hours.