This article explains how you can share a collection outside of your organisation.

  • Go to your collections tab within Huler and find the collection that you wish to share.

  • You can start the sharing process by pressing the three dots in the top left corner of a Collection icon and pressing the Share option, or going into the Collection itself and clicking the Share button.

  • You will see a pop up box which allows you to share internally or externally as shown below - the default state is to share internally.

  • To share externally, select the icon to the right of the Internal button and a new pop-up will appear as follows:

  • You must accept the 'Permission to Share'.

The process works by creating a link to a unique URL that mirrors how your Collection looks in Huler. You can copy and share this link as many times as desired. Here is one we made earlier:

If you want to stop sharing your link, simply go back to the Share page and select Disconnect as highlighted below:

Once you have created the URL a link button will appear in the collection for easy access to external sharing.

You must accept the Huler Content Agreement in order to share Collections externally and be authorised to do so by your employer.

Note: Any changes made to collections already shared, may take up to 10 minutes for the URL to be updated.