Oh, hey! Here's what's new in HulerHub...

We're constantly working to improve your HulerHub experience. Here's a summary of what has changed....

New Features

Import Bookmarks:

We think this is a really exciting update from Huler. You can import all you Favourites and Saved Bookmarks directly into Huler Collections library. Though just a few simple steps, you will have personalised engaging links in a place you can freely share with your colleagues, freeing up more time to get on with your daily tasks.

Import Bookmarks is compatible with all main browsers, including Chrome, Safari and  Microsoft Edge.

Huler Desktop App:

We have added a great feature where you can make Huler a Web App and easily pin the icon to your taskbar, giving you quick and easy access to all your most used links and folders at the touch of a button.

Various bug fixes