We all have the annoying moments when we forget our passwords.

There are a few ways in Huler that we can help.

1 - If you have not activated your account already, then the Huler Admin can resend a password invite to the user.

Steps to follow:

  • Admin logs in to Huler
  • Clicks into Hub Admin
  • Select 'Users'
  • This will then display a full list of all users with Huler Accounts.
  • Locate the user in question and click on the 3 dots.
  • Select Resend Invite

2 - If a user has an activated a Huler account, then the Resend Invite will not show. Instead they will need to submit Forgotten Password at the login page.

The user will then receive an invite in their email inbox.

Important!! If the user fails 5 repeated attempts to reset the password, then the system will start locking the user out of Huler.  They may need to allow 15 minutes before this is unlocked before the user can try again.