There are 3 kinds of User rights within Huler.

  • Owner
  • Hub Admin
  • User


This is the owner of the Huler system and has full Admin rights. By having these rights, it means that they can make any adjustment to any user, what is shared and how it is shared across your organisation. Owner rights can not be updated by anyone with a Hub Admin privilege.

Hub Admin

Same as above, Hub Admin has full rights to Huler and can create tiles, collections and amend user details within Huler.

Only the Owner and Hub Admin can decide to create tiles that will appear on Carousel, Featured and Workplace. Hub Admin can also amend the system privileges of a user.


This is anyone within the organisation and access to Huler. They can not make any adjustments to the Carousel, Featured or Workplace tiles. They will only be able to create tiles to be shown within their own 'My Tiles' or 'Library'.

Only the Owner or Hub Admin can grant a User, Hub Admin rights by changing the settings in System Privileges.

How to change the System Privileges

The Owner or Hub Admin need to access Hub Admin to access the User settings.

Find the name of the user that you wish to update and click on Edit.

Once in this section, you will see the box titled System Privileges.

On this example, you will see that they are set up User.

To amend this, click on the X within the black box.

Once this has been deleted, the option to change to Hub Admin will appear, Note that there is no option to amend the user to Owner.

Once you have made the required change, click on Edit User and the bottom right of the page.

You may need them to log out of Huler and sign back for the change to be updated.