Huler has recently added in an exciting new feature which we hope you will love.

We know that people love to share their own feedback, experiences and best practise to other this cases other Huler users.

So Huler has now included this for everyone to use.

You will see within the support centre, an Icon for Forum.

When you click into Forum, you are presented with this page, with the topics available.

These topics are categorised into 3 groups:

  • Announcements
    • This is where we will share exciting news about Huler! (Internal use only).
  • Feature Requests 
    • If you have an idea, suggestion, feedback, or if you know any way we can make things better, let's hear it.
  • Tips and Tricks
    • Do you do things a certain way and believe others may benefit from your wisdom? Remember.... Sharing is caring!  

To start a conversion

Click on the box in the top right, called Start a New Topic.

This will open a form to complete.

Here you need to include:

  •        Topic Title
  •        Message
  •        Select the forum type
  •        Attach files (optional)

Once we have checked you are not a robot and you click save, this will appear for everyone to see and comment.

You will now see the start of the new topic conversation.

To add your own comments, click on the BOLD wording, to enter the forum.