To access Articles Overview, navigate to your Admin Settings.

Then, head to the ‘Tiles’ tab in your context menu. Under ;Layouts;, you will see all the areas where an 'Administrator Created Tile' can live in your Hub. 

Example using Featured layout

This is the layout of the tiles that will be visible on the Featured page. 

Note, that this will NOT include those that are on the Carousel.

When you open this page, you will see some of the tiles that are live on the Featured Page.

It is important to know that the format does not replicate exactly how the page appears on Featured.

The 4th Image on the layout will appear in landscape format on the Featured page.

To move the tiles to a different position, place your mouse over any of the images and a cursor will appear. Hold the cursor down in the top right corner of the tile (3 dots) and position the tile to where you want it to appear.

This will automatically save your changes.

The same process will be followed for both Carousel Layout and Workplace Layout