To remove the user from an audience group is a simple process.

You have two ways to action this:

  • Upload a new CSV with updated data (this is better when removing multiple users)
  • Manually remove (ideal for removing single or small number of users)

Upload a new CSV with updated data

If you need to update multiple or a large number of users from a specific audience, it will be easier to push through a new CSV File.

Firstly, make sure that all the information in the CSV file is correct as this will override all the existing data currently loaded into Huler.

To see how to upload CSV, click on this link.

Adding bulk users to Huler

Manually removing selected users

Go to the Audience menu in hub admin.

You will now see a full list of the audiences that have been created.

On the example below, you will see that one audience is called sales team which includes 4 users.

You want to remove selected user from this group.

Go to View Users under actions by clicking the 3 dots.

You will then see the list of all users in that audience group.

Click on Manage Manual Users.

Select the user you wish to remove, by clicking on the tick box to the left of their name.

With the box ticked, go to Update in the top right corner.

This will then remove that user from that audience

Please note, any changes made are immediate but will not show in the admin hub till the following day.