Have you created a collection you want to share with other users?...well now you can!

How it works:

  • By creating a shared collection, this means you can allow other selected users to view any number of links that you have saved.
  • Maybe you have created or want to build a collection relating to payroll, holidays, events, recipes etc and you want other users to see this.
  • By sharing a collection, you can do this and send it to them through Huler.
  • Bear in mind that this collection is the master, and any updates that you make, will impact what the other users see such as, delete, update, visual etc.
  • Also, if you choose to delete your own collection, then this will also be deleted from all the other users.

So, let go.............

  • Go to your collections icon at the bottom of your page.

After selecting this icon, you will then be redirected to the Collections Library, where you will see all the collections that you have created.

  • To share a particular collection, Choose the one that you wish to share and go to the options in the top left within the collections box.

  • Click on share, a new page will load and this is where you need to find the person who you wish to share the collection with.
  • In the box, begin typing the name of that person and the system will locate all people with that name that are currently in the database.
  • Once the name has appeared, select it and you will see a + sign to add.

  • When you are ready to share the collection, click on 'Share'.

Once you have shared the collection, it will then appear within 'Shared Library'

This will NOT appear within your own shared library.

To Edit, Delete or Remove the Shared Collection

  • To see who you have shared a collection with, go to Share within the edit options.


  • You can see all users that have access to this collection, however if you wish to remove a user, simply click on the Bin Icon and delete.