Organisation Attributes are found under the settings tab in the Hub Admin. In this section we will talk you through what Organisational Attributes are and how you manage them. 

Please note, when uploading users by CSV file, it will auto-populate your Organisation Attributes based on the data contained within that file. See Adding Bulk Users to Huler for more details.

What are Organisational Attributes

These are data tags that you can assign to any of the users in your system which will in turn be the basis for creating your audiences.

The table below shows the 12 pre-named options that Huler provides for you:

The data has four column headings:

  • Attribute - this is the name that we use in the database for this item;
  • Organisation Value - you can call it what you want if your company has a specific title for this;
  • Type - this describes the Attribute nature i.e. is it a free text field, date or a list; and
  • Actions - this allows you to edit an attribute.

Compulsory Attributes

There are three compulsory attributes that must be completed to allow you to create a user and they are as follows:

  • Email - this is the unique identifier that Huler uses to map a user.
  • Name - must be in the format of First Name Second Name i.e. there is not a separate box for each name.
  • Phone - this is to allow multi-factor authentication in the future and doesn't impact a user at this time. If your employee doesn't have a phone number, we suggest you use your main office number.

Optional Attributes

  • Band - this is an option field and can cover as many bands as you have e.g. Band A, Band A2 etc
  • Department - this is an option field and can cover as many departments as you have e.g. Finance, Operations etc
  • Employee ID - text field and 
  • Gender - this is an option field and can cover the gender types your organisation recognises
  • Geo - this is an option field and can cover as many geographical areas your organisation operates in e.g Europe, Asia etc 
  • isManager - Yes or No option only. 
  • Location - this is an option field and can cover as many locations you have e.g. London, Manchester, New York. 
  • Role - this is an option field and can cover as many job roles you have e.g. Finance Director, Credit Controller etc.
  • Start Date - just a date field in the form of dd/mm/yyyy

Populating your Organisational Attributes

Organisational Attributes get assigned when you are creating a user and must be populated first (unless they are text fields or yes/no). 

To populate your attributes, click the three dots to the right of the desired attribute and click edit. You should now see this window pop up: 

From here, you can add the values that work for your company, there is no limit on the amount of values you can have.

Editing Organisational Attributes

It's important to note that you cannot add or delete Attributes titles, but you can change the secondary name to something more suited for your company. For example, you can change 'geo' to 'contract type' and populate it how you wish. 

The column on the left will remain as 'geo' for the purpose of the CSV, but feel free to change to a title more suitable.

Note - if you delete a value here, it won't remove it from any user that has had that applied to them, but you will not be able to select it again when inputting a user manually.