Changing  or editing a collection is the same as changing a tile. There are two things you can do here:

  • Edit or delete the whole collection. 
  • Editing the tiles within the collection.

The process is the same for both - simply click the three dots at the top left of the collection or tile and select whether you want to edit or delete.

Editing is the same as the process for creating, just with the items pre-populated for you to change and update. As a reminder, see Creating and populating a Collection.

Deleting will remove the collection or tile completely. A warning will come up before you do this to check whether you want to proceed.

Deleting a tile from a collection will NOT delete it from My Tiles if it was added from there.

Moving a tile from one collection to another, is an extra feature you have available.

If you click into your collection, you will see all the tiles that have been created.

Click on the 3 dots above the tile and this will provide you with the options.

Select 'Move Tile'

Next step is to select the folder which you wish to move your tile into and click 'Move'.

This will now be removed from the original collection into the new one.