This section will talk through creating and populating a collection within My Library.

Creating a collection

Once you have entered your library, simply click the Add a Collection tile, or + symbol underneath it to start and you will see the following screen:

Fill in the required fields and click create. This will take you to the following screen:

Adding to a collection

From here you have two ways to add a tile to a collection:

  • Within My Tiles, you can add that tile to your library. To do this, simply click on the top left corner of any tile within that area and then select 'add to library'. You will then be given the option of which collection you want to add the tile too.
  • Open up the collection page you want to link to and simply drag the url into the Quick Add URL box.

Using Quick Add URL

If you have dragged your URL into the window below (you need to make sure you have added https:// if manually typing):

Then, press the + and you'll arrive at the following screen with additional styling options:

If you want your own image or a colour, proceed as above. However, in this area, you have suggested imagery that works as follows:

  • If the URL site you have added allows it, Huler will be able to drag images from the site for you and it will suggest it here;
  • If not, it will provide some of the above images to help make your collections look cool.

You cannot add an item created in Collections to 'My Tiles'.

Completed collection

A collection can have as many items as you want, but only the first four you create will

show within the main icon in your library.

Once completed, it should look like this:

Important - Note that when a collection is created. It will appear as the last collection on the page and appear at the bottom. You can move it but dragging and repositioning it.