Once you log in (assuming you've accepted the terms and conditions), you land on the Featured Tiles page of our Huler Hub. These tiles have been set up by your Admin User and will be a selection of tiles that you may find useful or tiles that they require you to easily find.

Click on one of the tiles and see where it takes you...

To make the most out of the system, we recommend these steps:

  • Review your profile - make it your own
  • Play with the appearance - Light or Dark?
  • Have read through the FAQs before you start - you don't know at this stage what you don't know
  • Take a look through your Workplace tiles and familiarise yourself with what is already setup
  • Create your own tiles

Creating or Editing a Tile

This is where the real fun starts - be as creative as you like, this is your space!
  • Try using the search bar for easy ways to find what you want
  • Populate your library and create bespoke collections

Your Huler journey has begun! Welcome to the Hulersphere...