Once you log in, you land on the Featured Tiles page of our Huler Hub. These tiles have been configured by your Admin User and will often include tiles that you may find useful or need easy access to.

The featured page of the HulerHub is configured by Admins, so you won't be able to change the content displayed here. Don't worry, you have plenty of room to personalise your Hub in your My Tiles!

To make the most out of the system, start by having a play around to really understand where everything lives. As you familiarise, you can begin to personalise your Hub with tiles, colours, images and gifs - it's completely up up to you!

Why not try the following?

  • Play with the appearance - Light or Dark?
  • Have read through the FAQs to get quick access to the most frequently asked general and technical questions
  • Take a look through your Workplace tiles and familiarise yourself with what is already setup
  • Make your Hub your own by creating your own tiles

We recommend setting aside some time when you first get your login to make your Hub feel like a home. Having those visual links is a great way to keep you engaged with your work. Go on, what are you waiting for...