Welcome to Huler!

Once you log in, you land on the Featured Tiles page of our Huler Hub. Here we have set up some tiles we think you may find useful, but you can change these at any point and our Help Centre will guide you throughout the process.

We have set out the following steps that we recommend to ensure best use of the Huler system from the get go.

These articles will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to use Huler as an admin and for your users.

Here are our recommended step-by-step guides for first time Administrators:

Step 1: Do the Basics in Settings

  • Review your own profile
  • Update your branding
  • Input your Company's T&C's (if applicable)
Accessing your Huler System Settings; Accessing & Editing Your Profile; Accessing Branding Settings; Accessing Terms & Conditions Settings

Step 2: Create your Content

  • Create your workplace tiles
  • Choose which tiles you want to feature and how to use the Carousel
  • Setup some of your own personal tiles
  • Create a welcome ticker to greet users when they first log in
Administrator Tile Settings; Understanding Tiles; Introduction to the Huler Ticker

Step 3: Create your Users

  • Decide how you want to upload your users: manually (if you haven't got a lot) or using the CSV feature (recommended for anything over 10 users)
  • Create your users
  • Review your organisation attributes
Adding & Editing Single Users in Huler; Adding Bulk Users to Huler; Organisational Attributes

Step 4: Create your Audiences

  • Create your audiences
  • Allocate audiences to your tiles
Understanding Audiences

Your Huler journey has begun! Welcome to the Hulersphere...