This section will help you understand the different tiles within Huler and what they are for.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Tile
  • Featured Tiles
  • My Tiles
  • Workplace Tiles

What is a tile

A tile is a landing page or a bookmark which connects you to another space within your organisation or the internet as a whole in just one click. It can be designed to look the way you want it to and take you to wherever you want it to go.

Featured tiles are specific workplace tiles that have been selected as important by the Administrator of your system. These tiles can only be selected by administrators of the system and can be:

  • For everyone in the organisation
  • Chosen specifically for your role 

Featured page tiles can also be added to a Carousel that will rotate on the screen, allowing you to see what the business thinks is important for you.

Featured tiles can also change regularly so we make this easy at Huler by landing you at the Featured page whenever you login.

My Tiles

These are tiles that are created by you and sit within your own Huler space – they can only be seen by you. This means that you can add whatever you like to these tiles, whether it be work related or personal to you. From recipes to rotas, keep everything together in this quick access space to make your life that little bit easier.  (Understanding Huler Libraries). 

Workplace Tiles

These are all the tiles that have been added by the Administrator of your system. Like Featured tiles though, you will only see those that the Administrators want you to see.

Tip - don't fancy scrolling through, just use the search icon on the foot of the Huler page to get 
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