Viewing your profile

To view your profile, click on your name at the bottom right of your Huler screen, or go to the Huler Menu (burger bars) and click the View Profile button.

In this menu you can:

  • See an overview of how many tiles you have created recently & create a tile 
  • Change to light or dark mode by simply clicking the toggle
  • View the Terms of Use 
  • Amend your cookie preferences
  • View the Privacy Policy
  • Change your profile picture 

Changing your profile picture

To edit your profile image, click on 'View Profile'. From there, you can click anywhere on the image and you will be presented with the image upload box:

Then simply just add your desired image. Don't worry about saving, it does that automatically. 

Your chosen image will resize automatically to fit Huler. We recommend using a square image where possible to ensure a high clarity!

In this area, you can also adjust:

  • Language; by clicking on the dropdown and selecting your chosen language
  • Light Mode and Dark Mode