You can manage your ticker through the Hub Admin centre and selecting the Ticker option.

All of your tickers will appear in a list, ordered by date of creation.

Use the search function at the top right if you have a long list and know what you're looking for.

On the right hand side of the screen, at the end of each ticker, you will see three dots under the Actions header. If you click this button, it will give you two options:

Edit the ticker

If you click the edit button, it will re-open the ticker and you have the same options as you did when you created it (Creating a Ticker).

As a reminder, you can change the name, description, the audience and you can also deactivate the ticker if it is no longer required. Simply make the changes you want and click Update.

Any edits made to a ticker (unless deactivated) will cause the ticker to show again once a user logs on or refreshes their screen.

Note - if you have deactivated your ticker, when you return to the Ticker menu, that ticker will change to In-Active under the 'Active' heading. Reactivating will cause the ticker to show again.

Delete the ticker

If you press delete, a second window will pop out asking you to confirm that you want to delete. 

Once a ticker is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Deactivate the ticker

You can also chose to deactivate the ticker , if you want to keep it for a later date. To do this, click on edit, then move the 'is active' slide till it appears grey. 

Note - The Ticker may take around 10 min to appear on the hub.