As an administrator to Huler, you get access to some additional settings when creating a tile to ensure that the tile goes where you would like it to and is only seen by those you choose. 

Whilst we recommend you to set up your personal tiles like any user, you are in control of what is displayed in Featured tiles and Workplace tiles, which is accessed within the Hub Admin section of Huler, as shown below:

To access the admin area of the tile. Click on Settings.

Unlike user tiles, as an administrator you get a set of options to choose from; however, the creation of a tile is exactly the same as you would do as a user. We will now explain what each of these administrator specific options do.

Administrator Tile Settings


If you select Global, it means that the tile will show up for all users under Workplace tiles. By selecting this feature, it means you cannot then choose specific audiences that it can apply to and therefore the audience option should disappear as shown below:

Important: Any tile created MUST be either set to Global or to an Audience or the tile will not be displayed. If you want your tile to be Featured and appear to all users, then you must select featured AND Global in the toggles.

If you select Featured, it means that the tile will show up under Featured tiles, but only where you have have selected either Global, or specific audiences. Note - if you do not select either of these options, the tile is created but will only show under the list of tiles in the admin section.

If you pick a Featured tile, it won't show on the carousel and therefore that option is greyed out, as shown below:


If you select Carousel for a tile, it will then sit within the main, larger tile under featured tiles that will rotate every 10 seconds. 

Your tile can only appear in either Featured or Carousel, not both. This means that if you chose this option, Featured tiles will be greyed out.


If you do not want a tile to be visible to everyone, you can select for it to only be seen by specific audiences (What are Audiences?). 

Don't worry, if you haven't setup specific audiences yet based on your organisation, we have three default settings based on how Huler is setup:

  1. Default Admin Audience - anyone allocated the administrator role;
  2. Default End user Audience - all standard users; and
  3. Default Owner Audience - the person who setup the system (there can only be one owner).

You pick an audience by clicking on the + next to Audiences and then select from the drop down. 

You can add multiple audiences to a tile. For example, if you wanted Manchester as a location and Manager as a role.