Adding or editing users to Huler is simple and intuitive.

Head on over to the Hub Admin system menu. Here you'll see the Users category on the left side menu panel. Click on it to open out the main user panel. It will look something like this:

You now have two ways of adding users to your Huler eco-system.

  • add a user by clicking "Create User" action button top right
  • to edit a user simply click on the ellipsis on their own and chose "edit"
  • add bulk users by clicking "New CSV Upload" in the left hand menu

This article follows on into the "New CSV Upload" process, for single user creation and editing follow this LINK

This article will provide you with a Step by Step guide to adding bulk users


Click on + New CSV Upload which takes you to the follow page:

From here, you simply follow the four steps outlined above. Note, step 2 will take you to this page.

Populating the CSV file

When you download the CSV file for the first time, you will get the standard template that you need to fill in and will look like the below (we have pre-populated ours to help):

Important tips: 
1) you MUST ensure that the OWNER of Huler is included in the list or it will not work at all
2) whenever you update, you must include the full list of users you want in the system i.e. if you only listed two people say that you wanted to update and don't include the five in the system currently, they will be deleted.

The CSV file has 13 headings, which we have broken down into three sections to explain what they are and what to do with them.

  1. Mandatory fields (if these are not completed, the upload will fail)
    1. email - the unique identifier for Huler, must be a legitimate '@' address
    2. name - full name in the one box 
    3. phone - for the csv to work, the phone number must be in the format shown above i.e. (+44)7793000000, with your specific country code in brackets. Note - there must be a + and two numbers in the brackets.
  2. Optional fields
    1. band - free text
    2. department - free text 
    3. employeeid - free text 
    4. gender - free text 
    5. geo - free text 
    6. location - free text 
    7. isManager - can only be a TRUE or FALSE value
    8. role - free text 
    9. startDate - must be in the data format dd/mm/yyyy
  3. Unused fields
    1. oldemail - DO NOT USE. This is for future development and can be left blank.

The data you input into the csv will populate your Organisational Attributes once uploaded. See Organisational Attributes for more info.

Uploading the csv file

Once you have populated the CSV, simply choose the file from your computer and hit the Import Users button. If successful, you will have two screens:

1) Pre-upload check:

This will tell you how many users are being added, deleted or updated.

At present, you cannot drill down to see the relevant entries at this point but we are working on it.

If you are happy then click Proceed. 

2) Post-upload confirmation

If everything has gone well, you will receive confirmation of the changes made in the form below.

Following successful upload, you should see all user changes in the user section and any additions to Organisational Attributes will be automatically updated for you.

What if something goes wrong

We have designed specific error messages to help you along the way if something goes wrong, which should help point you in the right direction. For anything else, please raise a ticket and we will be happy to help.