Adding or editing users to Huler is simple and intuitive.

To add users, navigate to your Admin Settings.

Then, head over to the ‘Users’ tab in your context menu and click '+Create' 

You now have two ways of adding users to your HulerHub.

  • Add a user by clicking "Create User" action button 
  • Add bulk users by clicking "Bulk Upload" in the left hand menu

This article follows on into the "Create User" process, for bulk CSV uploads follow this link.

Before you begin, check that you have input your Organisational Attributes otherwise you won't have anything to pick from the dropdown menus and these are not free text fields.

Clicking on Create Users (or edit) takes you to the follow page:

There are three core fields you must fill in to create a user, the rest are optional based on your Organisation Settings. The compulsory fields are:

  • Name: First Name and Second Name within the same box.
  • Email: must contain an '@' address.
  • Phone: use the correct region prefix and drop the 0.

Simply complete each field you see in your user page, then click the "Create User" action button at the base of the page and there you go. All done! Your brand new user is up and running and ready to jump into Huler.

Did you know? You can set a start date for your users which can be used to automate your welcome email, or alternatively to create audiences. 

Once you press "Create User", it will automatically send an email to the email address provided, containing a notice that they've been added and their temporary password to login.

Congratulations, you've created your first user! Need to make some adjustments? Learn how to edit users here