Use reporting to track usage and measure engagement across Users in your Hub.  

To access your Reporting Dashboard, navigate to your Admin Settings.

The landing page is your Dashboard.


A summary of the eight reports currently on offer and how to best interpret these are shown below:

The below reports provide a snapshot; however, you have the ability to take a deeper dive into the data, including exporting it into a CSV file, under the reports tab.  Find out more here. 

Activities per hour

This is a time-based graph covering when people login to Huler (Logins) and how active they are when they're in it (Activities) - effectively button presses. The buttons on the top right of the graph allow you to toggle between the two measures. 

The graph is covering a 24-hour window and showing the last 7 day average for each of the measures above. 

Most popular day of the week

This chart covers the average time spent by a user in Huler during each day of the week, using the chart to show you which is the most popular. 

Total logins

New users


Total accepted T&Cs

Shows the number of users that have accepted the companies T&Cs.

Most popular tiles


Most popular tile domains


The reports Top Logins, Total Recognition, Most Popular Tiles and Most Popular Tile Domains have an additional drill down option that is accessed by pressing the More Info > button, which we will explain in more detail below.


But that's not all! We offer a deeper dive into your reports under the 'Reporting' tab. Find out more here.