The first step in audience management is ensuring we have our Organisational Attributes set up how we want them. This is key to how and who is populated into audiences of our choice. For detailed instructions on that, view this article: Organisational Attributes.

The second is making sure we are in the admin system settings area. For instructions on getting there follow this article: Accessing your Huler System Settings. 

Now we are in system settings, we open up the Audience selection in the left side menu. We should see a screen like this:

From here we have two choices for creation, there is the + create audience on the left, and the top right action button "Create Audience" both of which lead to the same area. So it's a matter of your own preference.

We can also edit an audience here by clicking on the ellipses next to your audience of choice, and choosing edit!

You can also view the users attached to an audience here too!

Wait there's more! Delete an audience here by clicking the tick box and the delete action button. Be warned, there's no going back once you do!

The create screen looks a little like this:

The attributes on the right will vary dependant upon your business, however the function will always be to act as the element that binds audiences together.

We can keep things simple and choose on field as our unifier, multiple or even all. Huler will then filter through all your user attributes and pull out each person that matches the exact criteria you've set here.

Congratulations, you've just created your first Huler Audience. It may seem a little complicated at first, but it will start to come together for you as you start using audiences more.

As all great ideas, audiences are simple but powerful, and act as a solid foundation for your directed Huler content.

Please note, any changes made are immediate but will not show in the admin hub till the following day.